Supreme Court: No Word on NC Gerrymandering Cases. Still.

North Carolina has had gerrymandered voting districts maps held to be unconstitutional since 2011. And today the Supreme Court again had nothing to say about it.

( ( But hey – why should the Supreme Court care? It is just our basic constitutional rights, civil liberties and ability to have fair elections at stake! So what if our state legislature want to spray hog feces on us and run over us with cars?) )

North Carolina: State of Litigation

The current extremist super-majority in the North Carolina General Assembly has systematically attacked fair elections to the point that the state legislature no longer represents the will of the people of North Carolina. These unpatriotic attacks on American Democracy have resulted in multiple court cases, costing North Carolina taxpayers millions of dollars. We need fair elections, including making the process of drawing electoral maps impartial and transparent, so that the North Carolina government is of, by and for the people.