The Real Story About Election Fraud

How many times have we heard NC lawmakers say that when it comes to fraud in elections,even one vote tainted by fraud is one too many?

There was ONE case of in person voter fraud in North Carolina in 2016, and yet North Carolina taxpayers are being asked to spend millions of dollars in order to implement a new requirement to show photo ID in order to vote in person.

Yet there are 3,478 missing ballots from North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district, and some of these very same lawmakers want to ignore it.

So  what do we know about what happened to these thousands of missing votes? 

From publicly available reports and affidavits, it looks like political operatives were misrepresenting themselves as elections officials, and may have discarded voters’ absentee ballots or perhaps tampered with voters’ absentee ballots.

We  know these activities seem to have been primarily in Bladen and Robeson counties– where there are 1,192 missing absentee ballots.

Sometime people do end up not returning absentee ballots, but the numbers of unreturned absentee ballots in Bladen and Robeson is unsually high.  

When you look at NC’s other 12 congressional districts – the average percent of non-returned absentee ballots is about 15% .

In Robeson County and the part of Bladen that is in CD9, the rate of non-returned Absentee Ballots is over 55% .  

And within those districts, there are some areas that are hot spots – for example, in one precinct in Robeson county the percent of absentee ballots that went missing is 91.8 % ; and 65% of Registered Democrats in Robeson did NOT return absentee ballots.

We know that the affidavits implicate a man named McCrae Dowless, who lives in Bladen County.

We know that Mr. Dowless has a long, and very public history of being involved with absentee ballot irregularities.   

We know that politicians in North Carolina KNOW about Dowless’ history.

After the 2016 election, lawyers representing NC politicians filed baseless claims accusing North Carolina citizens of “Voter Fraud” all over the state. 

One of these bogus charges of “voter fraud” against North Carolina voters was filed by McCrae Dowless in Bladen County.  At a hearing in front of the North Carolina State Board of Elections two years ago today, I watched Mr. Dowless testify about the “protest” he had filed accusing a group of mostly African American voters of fraud.  As the hearing went on, it started to appear that Mr. Dowless may have been the one guilty of wrong- doing.  His own testimony made it appear that he may have been paying workers to collect absentee ballots. 

We don’t yet know exactly what happened to the almost 3,500 missing absentee ballots.  We don’t know how many, if any, of the 10,498 absentee ballots cast in NC09 were changed.   But we DO KNOW that North Carolina politicians had already been put on notice that if they care about “election integrity”, they probably should not hire Mr. Dowless. 

Having fair elections is a patriotic value, not a partisan issue.  If campaign workers were lying to voters and tampering with ballots – that is a moral failure, not a political strategy.

We are calling on lawmakers from all political parties to support a full investigation into the election issues in NC’s 9th congressional district – without any interference by politicians.  

There must be an investigation of the Harris campaign and the people they hired to collect absentee ballots.

My comments at press conference, December 3, 2018. L. Aylett Colston  

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