6 Amendments in under 5 Minutes

I was asked to give a talk about the Amendments –
and I was told to keep it under 5 minutes.

So I’m not going use fancy words to explain –
This is a time when we need to speak plain.

On our ballots this year there will be 6 amendments,
They’re a legislative power grab with a vengeance.

On the six Amendments I say, “no way” –
‘Cause none of them actually mean what they say.

Some seek to merely create confusion.
Any rights they claim to give is just an illusion.

Like the “right to fish and hunt” –
That amendment is just a stunt.
There’s no threat to hunting & fishing as of this date,
It just gives legislators more to legislate.

The amendment on tax to cap the max
Will shift the burden to the people’s backs.
The tax amendment won’t bring your tax bill down,
At best, it will just move the burden around.

Our state already has Victim’s Rights in its constitution
The “Victim’s Rights” amendment doesn’t offer any solution.
It may treat people as guilty before trial,
& won’t protect the privacy of a juvenile.
A “victim” does not have to be a real person
When a corporation is a victim, it could be worrisome.

Another Amendment changes the Board of Elections,
To fill it with people with the RIGHT connections.
The same Board would review ethical complaints,
So politicians & lobbyists have fewer restraints.
With an even eight members on this combined board
Deadlock may mean problems are ignored.

This legislature also wants to appoint judges for Court
Whenever their term in office is cut short.
They will give two names to the Governor for selection,
& then their judge gets to SKIP the next election.

On this day, I am DONE with being polite
I am just going to say what I think is right.

When America was founded for the people to be free,
Let’s be real –  they weren’t talking about me.
They weren’t talking about Black men, the young, or the poor
But we didn’t stay quiet, we fought for more.

Now let’s talk about the so called “Voter ID”
Because what’s on our ballot is our right to be free.
Requiring a photo ID for the Voting Booth,
Will disproportionately effect African-Americans, women and Youth
When politicians control who is allowed to vote,
They can put their jackboot right on our throat.

No rights of the people do these amendments guarantee,
It’s a ploy for them to stay in power, even if we don’t agree.

The problems we have, these amendments won’t fix
So make sure you vote – and Nix the Six.

My comments from “Value of the Vote,” October 20, 2018. Hayti Heritage Center, Durham, NC. ~ Aylett Colston