Talk to your NC Legislators about Fair Voting Maps

What should I say to my North Carolina state legislator about Fair Voting Districts?

Explaining why having Fair Voting Districts is important to you in your own words will be the most meaningful.  Knowing how hard it can be to get started,  I have outlined some points that you may use to as a starting point to help you build your own reasons for supporting fair districts.  Think about what is most important to you, and how it may relate to a  personal story or local issue in your district.


  • I am asking that you support fair voting districts by supporting legislation that requires voting maps to be drawn using impartial, fair redistricting criteria in a transparent redistricting process.
  • Elections should represent the will of the people. We need to make the process of drawing electoral maps impartial and transparent, so that our government is of, by and for the people.
  • The process of drawing voting maps should be an open, unbiased process with citizen participation and access at all levels and steps of the process.
  • Drawing voting maps should be based on impartial criteria that does NOT take into account the address or location of incumbents or the party affiliation or prior voting history of residents, so that it is fair to everyone.
  • Unfair voting maps split up communities, making it more difficult for representatives to know and respond to community concerns.
  • An impartial, transparent, and fair redistricting process would avoid costly, lengthy legal battles – right now there are now at least five ongoing cases based on North Carolina’s electoral district maps (almost half of all the major Federal redistricting cases in the country!).
  • Impartial redistricting is more fair to the people of North Carolina, regardless of political party.
  • Please support fair districts by voting for legislation that requires that legislative districts or districting plans not intentionally or unduly favor or disfavor any political party.
  • North Carolinians deserve transparent and fair redistricting so that their needs will be addressed by the elected officials entrusted to represent them.
  • Drawing voting maps should NOT be based on protection of incumbents, through such devices as considering an incumbent’s address, preferential treatment for a political party, through such devices as considering party affiliation, voting history and candidate residence.
  • Redistricting at all levels of government must be accomplished in an open, unbiased manner with citizen participation and access at all levels and steps of the process.
  • I am asking you to support Fair Redistricting so that North Carolina has the opportunity to solve the issue of redistricting itself, instead of relying on out-of-state think tanks and federal judges.
  • North Carolina has more pending lawsuits based on its voting districts than any other state – it has almost half of all of the pending redistricting cases in the whole country! North Carolinians did not cause this problem – the bad maps were drawn by an out-of-state consultant sent down here by an outside think tank.
  • North Carolina should not be a pawn to be manipulated by out-of-state interests for their own agendas. North Carolina can take the reins and control our own fate with a bipartisan group developing criteria and a fair process that North Carolinians from all over the state can support.
  • It is time for North Carolina to chart its own course and take control of its own fate. Let’s get to work on a home-grown plan for Fair Voting Districts and work together for North Carolina.

Side note: Consider asking legislators what they would need to feel comfortable with redistricting reform? What would it take?


3 thoughts on “Talk to your NC Legislators about Fair Voting Maps

  1. What gets me is the feeling that NC politics has become a game stacked against voters and my vote does not count under the present system.


  2. I just finished a heart-felt plea to the conservative Republican representative from Brunswick county. Now he will finally do the right thing!!! >


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