Or How to Survive Lasers and Avoid Talking to People

After a lifetime of talking too much, talking too loudly and voicing my thoughts when I should have said . . . nothing – I am atoning by entering into a period of silent contemplation and meditation.

Well, maybe not so much meditating as being unconscious.

And having lasers taken to my vocal chords. And then physically not being able to speak because of knife/laser-attack on voice box. Because of “helluva polyp” growing somewhere it really has no business being.

Keeping quiet and meditating is SO HARD, right?

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (I just found out yesterday).  This has happened very quickly, but at least now I have an excuse not to answer the phone for a while.

The good news is that when I asked the doctor if I would be able sing when this was all over, he said “yes”. Maybe I will be able to play the violin too.

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