The Laundry

Davidson College students, weak and weary
Wearing dirty clothes so dreary
Reading heavy volumes of forgotten lore
When down to one pair of clean undies, and nothing more
Needing clean clothes to wear through Chambers’ door
Could have clean clothes in brown paper wrapping,
Even if they had been napping
Just by tapping, tapping on the Laundry door.

“Clean socks” students muttered, “and towels folded with corners four
shirts pressed and more.”

Ah, distinctly I remember
Long assignments from a faculty member
In a dorm room with clothes cast upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow
So clothes I would not have to borrow.
Clean clothes in brown wrapping
Would be mine after tapping
Tapping on the Laundry Service door.

Now 20 years from Davidson I have been out,
“Is there still a Laundry Service like in days of yore
To save students from that ghastly chore?”
Quoth the College, “Nevermore.”

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