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Gentle readers, welcome to my blog – I hope you like it!   In order to make this an easy experience for you, I have summarized the internet comments, so you do not even have to life a finger (or thumb, for those on the smartphones) to participate!  Thanks for visiting!

MissAndri > hyperblogic

CHECK YOUR PRIVLEDGE – blogging is an elitist activity taught to the scions of the white male oligarcharchy!

Burner87> MissAndri

Well, for your information, I am a blogger and I am a minority because I am a civil war reenactor.   There are usually not more than 3 of us at any blogging conference wearing our civil war regalia. #NOTALLBLOGGERS

mrfedora > Burner87

You are a racist JUST LIKE HITLER.

amy36 > hyperblogic

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ditohed > hyperblogic

I used to feel safe in my neighborhood, but now there schools filled with kids with brown skin, inventing things and bringing homemade clocks. Thanks Obama!

mrfedora > ditohed

You are a racist JUST LIKE HITLER

ditohead > mrfedora

I am not racist – I had a black friend once in college. He was the janitor in my fraternity house, but he was very articulate. #NOTRACISTIHADABLACKFRIEND

fineartsmaster> hyperblogic

This writer clearly has not read anything important. She is no Dostoyevsky. I bet she does not even have a MFA.

ditohed > fineartsmaster

You like Russian people? Are you gay? Do you know who else was gay – HITLER!

fineartsmaster> ditohed

Why do you think Russians are gay?

ditohed > fineartsmaster

I am not homophobic BUT the guy ballet dancers were tights –so they are gay. Do you even read, bro?

fineartsmaster> ditohed

You know “gay” actually means lighthearted and carefree, right?  Plus, the fact that you started a sentence with, “I am not homophobic, but . .”  means that you are homophobic; kind-of like if you start a sentence with “I am not racist, but . . ” then you are probably racist.

You probably do not even know how to properly use “irony” in a sentence.  #IRONYISNOTRAINONYOURWEDDINGDAY

ditohed > fineartsmaster


fineartsmaster> ditohed

I think you mean “oxymoron”.

ditohed > fineartsmaster

I AM NOT A MORON AND I DONT DO DRUGS! Get a haircut you granola-head libtard!

Whatisausername > hyperblogic

All of the little stories on this internet are just lovely, dear. Now, how do I send this email thingy? Oh, will everyone be able to see this?

hyperblogic > Whatisausername

Thanks, Mom.

Someone on the internet is wrong!

Someone on the internet is wrong!

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  1. You seem to be upsetting some dangerous people. Maybe you shouldn’t give out your real name. I don’t want Donald Trump to call you bad names.

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